More than ink on paper….

You’ve probably heard that before and all sorts of boasts which go with it. However, we have a uniquely traditional approach to how we get your image just right.


Knowledge isn’t taught, it’s learnt from experience. Time is the greatest teacher. 


Our approach is that of maximising what you have to achieve the best results with a given print process. Stuart’s (HAD-Print’s lead) background with graphic design, photography and high-end reprographics provides an enviable wealth to maximise your project.  A few examples of this might include;

  • Retouching/colour balancing photographs to provide punch on the subject, focussing the attention where it needs to be on a picture. We’ve done copious of “beauty shots” from Pipe Organs through to Diesel Locomotive Trains, where the subject has been gently enhanced from the rest of the image to provide some added punch, or even bringing definition out of the shadows to aid the visual impression. 
  • Crafting a logo into a vector format (a fully scale-able graphics file) to ensure clarity of line definition, as it is an ultimate sharp file at whatever size.
  • Providing colour knowledge to ensure the best reproduction. Colour is a science in its own right. When working on branding identity projects, starting at the right point, means objectively achieving across multiple media. Experience and understanding of different production processes help to get the best results.


As with any process, cutting corners and trying to reduce costs, can result in non-performing media. A modest spend on artwork will ensure you get the right results, after all, a time-served craft professional will get significantly greater results than the amount you’ll save from a DIY effort or getting your best friend’s son to do it for you. A good designer will design for the process, and maximise it to the production method. Here at HAD-Print, we’ve seen jpeg image files for business cards, scaled to the wrong proportions, with too small text in fonts with poor legibility for their intended use. 


Get your print right, with service orientated professionals and you will achieve more with your own business or organisation. Before you proceed, check any professional craftsperson out (Linkedin is great for this). Stuart (HAD-Print’s lead) has 

  • Been awarded for the best design of a Citizen Advice Bureaux Annual Report in 1998.
  • Achieved runner up in the British Printing Industries Federation, Young Printer of the year 2003/04.
  • Worked on IAO Organists’ Review for 13 years – which has substantial colour reproduction requirements. 
  • Copious other small, medium and large projects.


HAD-Print is a member of BAPC – British Association for Print & Communication, which expects its members to adhere to a code of conduct for the delivery of professional print.


You wouldn’t cut corners in other things, so why cut corners with your print?

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