First impressions count!

Everyone is guilty of this, we quickly conclude what we think of someone, something, very quickly. To use a Kirsty Allsop anecdote the "11-second rule", whether it's houses or a smaller purchase we've all quickly made our mind up, on whether we like it or not.

In a world where many influences come to play before someone actually makes a purchasing decision, the drip effect of the subconscious, getting every stage right is critical. Especially when we cannot control some of them. 

So addressing the longevity of items is probably so important. We live in a significantly quick and almost disposable world. Digital communications seem to be there and then gone if you've ever tried to go back and find something inevitably you don't. So looking for a sustainable, proven return on investment, print marketing tools still hold there own in a marketing toolbox. Take a look at Royal Mail's research on direct mail, which will back this statement up.

So grabbing your readers attention is then the hardest part. This is where good graphic design comes in. The advent of desktop publishing in the 1990s might have knocked this a little. But when good graphic design is applied, it uses application of knowledge of how people engage to direct a reader in the right manner.  

Marketing is all about educating your audience about your product or service. Ask any educator about learning styles and they will tell you about Visual, Auditory and kinaesthetic learners. Whilst Visual and Auditory can be achieved online by digital means, print holds a certain forte for the kinaesthetic, bringing tactile, shape and form to your message.

So if you're thinking about getting the right first impression, which needs to be different and stand out, a good mixture of tools is essential. Getting something which has a tangible value, demonstrates substance and reality, is an essential part of the marketing arsenal. Can you afford not to have select pieces of marketing collateral in print?

Here at HAD-Print, we have a seasoned team, with decades of industry knowledge in print and graphic design. We have select partners for copywriting and photography. Which provides us with a total solution provider approach, here helping small businesses, to create professional kinaesthetic marketing collateral.

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