SMART print... do you?

Whilst anyone in business will know and use the acronym SMART, applying it to your print should be a natural thing? 

If writing goals, a Specific focus, a defined specification can maximise your return on investment, gain traction through attention to detail. Whilst it might seem obvious when working on design and print projects the number of people who miss this out can be significantly high. Being specific about your audience means you can write the right print brief for the detail of the paper and ink and how your job should work.

Being accountable for watching what you can achieve needs appropriate measures. Being Measurable needs the right specifics and specification or brief to your required goal. Careful targeting requires the right content, created to the right audience profile, to increase response levels, which can push the engagement levels. 

Achievable, technology helps this in many ways, however, the human input, can add a lot or even hinder. We all can be our own worst enemies, being focussed and constructively critical of the what's and wherefore's can aid the final result equally. Research into how the end product will be used can ensure the best specification for the budget and equal return on investment through better customer engagement.

Realistic, being aware of your budget is one key factor in today’s environment. Your marketing or piece of printed communication needs to hit the mark, without being excessive, yet not being deemed tight or skin-flint. Equally a timeline of what when scheduling is even more so important to knowing what can be achieved when. Also ensure your content is relevant to the audience, if your content doesn’t hit the mark, the acceptance by the recipient doesn’t work

Timely, the classic mantra here is "failing to plan is planning to fail". So ensuring you know what is going on around you, ensure it has relevance and hits at the right moment to get the right results. Again good liaison with your print provider can help us to achieve more for you. Actions in production can be far swifter than post-delivery actions like grouping into sets, something we can do fair easier for you.

By building a relationship with your local printer such as HAD-Print, can help you to… 

  • get the service you expect (and if not more), 
  • find solutions to the problems/issues which you never thought you would
  • Flex your business and organisational needs in a far more mutually agreeable way
  • Help keep money in your local economy, thus building more resources for you to pull upon for help.

If you need a review of your print and are looking for better ways to enhance your marketing communications, get in touch and request a one to one to see how we can help you more.

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