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Covid-19 and our changing habits

Stuart unpacks an insight into customer service from a source close to home.

We love customers….

Customer service is one of those experiences which everyone says they excel at. However, the word quality is very subjective. What does it really mean? How do you go to quantifying something which is partly an intangible?

Here to make you look good.

That’s the simple premise we work on. Ensuring you present yourself in the best light. We pride ourselves on the service we provide. We know what makes us different, the fact we actually want to make you shine! 

Never to be under-estimated.

We have one big difference from the “Big Shed” Printers, - we genuinely care. Like true crafts people, we are the people that do your job. We love to get to know you are find out what matters to you. After all we are real humans, who like to make you happy, because when you’re happy we are too!

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