Computer & Mobile Device Training

Looking to get more out of our Device? We can show you how.

Training is essential in ensuring the most productive use of your computer or mobile device, enabling you to get the most from your device!

Here at HAD-IT be offer both standard and bespoke training package on the full range of mobile devices you find on sale today. Basics such as first use, how to turn on my device, through to advanced operations and getting your device to work for you. We have the operator and the facilities to suit every user's needs.

Our training course can be structured in the following ways

  • - Within our on-site training facilities in Selby & Halifax (Device supplied if required)
  • - One-to-one, small groups or teams.
  • - Within your own Workplace or by arrangement at a suitable local venue.
  • - Remote training (within your own home)

General Subjects covered are given below: For additional or alternative packages which can be tailored to your own individual requirements please contact our team.

Basic Training

Our basic training course is an introduction to your device, either switching brands or new to the technology. We can show you the basic of how to use your device for the first time.

Getting more from your device

Getting more from your device is a follow on from our basic training course, or for those looking to get a little more from their device. We look at advanced features, how best to use your device to gain optimum performance and highlight best practices.

Online Solutions

OOur online solutions course looks at the options available online for data storage, management and configuration. We discuss the options currently available on the market, what features you require and what best suits your requirements from the multitude of vendors.

Backup, Backup, Backup

Are your devices backed up? Are you use those backups are good? We look at the options available to make sure you're important data is backed up. How to perform backups and how to retrieve that data should the worse happen. Overwritten an important document, deleted that photo by mistake? We'll show you how to make sure your data is secure, backup and retrievable should you need it.

Apple Training Session

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